You are trying everything you can think of 

  • You're taking all the supplements you've read about or your friend told you to take.
  • You tried or are considering Clomid, Letrozole, progesterone, or birth control pills
  • You tried or are considering IVF or IUI
  • You are trying herbs or supplements you read about
  • You tried acupuncture or abdominal massage
  • You pray or wish for a baby

Do any of these describe you?

  • You have been trying to conceive for a while
  • You have PCOS
  • You have low AMH
  • You have high FSH
  • You are over 35
  • You have taken birth control pills in the past
  • You have thyroid issues
  • You have unexplained infertility
  • You are anxious or stressed 
  • You have digestive issues
  • You have irregular cycles
  • You have low egg quality
  • You are overweight
  • You work long hours or at night
  • You eat processed or fast food more than 2x/ week
  • You want a healthy baby


If you find yourself nodding 'yes' to any of these statements then you are in the right place.

It may seem easier to try medications, supplements, or treatments like Clomid, Letrozole or IVF but the reality is all of these things are like "band-aids" and they do not address the underlying cause and do not guarantee a healthy baby.

The medical research is pretty clear...... the health of mom (and dad) affect fertility and the health of the baby.

Don't waste time chasing "quick fixes" that can't promise a baby.

so, what's the answer?

Heal and strengthen your foundation.
This is the first step to a healthy baby.

Why take the time to focus on your foundation?


It doesn't matter if you are trying to conceive naturally or need to use IVF or IUI. 
The more you prep and focus on your foundation prior to trying to conceive the better chance you will have of getting pregnant.

Why?  Because the egg that could eventually become your baby started on its journey 3 months ago!  Yes, it takes 3 months for an egg to grow and mature before it gets ovulated so take the time to 'feed and nurture' your eggs because egg quality matters.  The better the quality egg the better chance you have of getting pregnant... and, more importantly, having the healthiest baby possible!


the solution........

the Foundations Fertility Course

the real solution. not a band-aid fix

Fertility and a healthy baby start with a healthy you.  

Hormonal balance and fertility depend on your foundation......

What you eat, your stress level, how well you sleep, what you think about, and your environment can all affect your foundation.

In this 4 week course you will heal and strengthen your foundation without taking random supplements or counting calories.

At the end of this course you will

  • lower inflammation
  • support hormonal balance
  • improve egg quality

Imagine it is one year from now......


You are holding your sweet, healthy, happy baby in your arms


You are so grateful that you took the time to focus on your foundation because this helped to improve your egg quality which we know helps to strengthen the DNA inside the egg and improve conception


By focusing on your foundation you supported your hormonal balance which helped your estrogen and progesterone levels so you could ovulate, conceive and 'hold' onto the baby and have a healthy pregnancy


By focusing your foundation and underlying health you decreased any inflammation in your body and this helped your body be able to focus on fertility again.  By lowering inflammation you optimized your gut, adrenals, thyroid... which support hormonal balance and fertility.




All I can say is WOW!  This course is amazing!  ​
Whether a woman will be conceiving naturally or using assisted reproductive technology, following Dr. Singh's valuable guidelines on nutrition, sleep optimization, stress reduction, and toxin reduction will set the stage for a healthier mother and child.  I love the way the course is designed in weekly modules, making it a quick and easy way to learn this information which would otherwise take hours and hours of research to learn.  Each module also contains a 'mission', providing simple and concrete steps that can be taken to implement the information provided.  Dr. Singh has distilled the art of preconception care into a concise, research-backed, and easy to understand course.  Her friendly and positive approach provides this important information in a format that is accessible and actionable.  Thank you Dr. Singh for providing this wonderful course!

Dr. Amy Tyler, ND

Austin, TX

I loved the course!

The course has created so much awareness for me around effects of food/diet, toxins, stress, sleep, etc. on fertility that I did not know before.


I am now following all the things I've learned and am building a healthy foundation. Dr. Singh is extremely knowledgeable and she provided me with a good holistic understanding of how getting your body ready for pregnancy starts with first building a solid foundation. 


I’m over 40 and just had my annual physical and also I am currently seeing a fertility specialist.


Both doctors have been very pleased with my results and hormone levels and I owe my success to getting my body ready for pregnancy to Dr. Singh.


Dana K

Houston, TX

This course is remarkably easy to use and easy to understand. 

It's a great resource for women who are not sure if medical fertility treatments are right for them because it will answer a lot of questions. 

I would love for all of my fertility patients to use this information to learn about their bodies. 


There is a tremendous amount of information online about fertility and many of my patients get very confused about what to listen to.  Dr. Singh's information will really help you hone in on what needs to be addressed. 


This course is the best I've seen online, and you can learn it at home.  Even if you have seen an expert, they will never have time to explain all of this information as effectively as she does.  Start here if you are interested in addressing fertility more naturally.    

Dr. Alicia Anne

Kansas, MO

I encourage all my fertility clients to participate in the Foundations Fertility course.


As a Naturopathic provider and an acupuncturist there is so much that can be done to help women become pregnant and to nurture and develop a healthy baby.  However, there is only so much time during an appointment to go through all the education and necessary steps. 


Dr. Singh’s fertility course contains numerous pearls and researched information to assist women in their journey to motherhood.  As a provider, I can then focus on individual needs knowing my patients are utilizing the information and preparing through the activities from this course.


Dr. Shana Deneen, ND, 
Dipl.Ac, FABNO

Tulsa, OK

I found this course to be thoroughly enlightening and engaging.


The videos are very informative and do not take a lot of your time, which is important. 


Everyone else just wants to give a quick fix and slap a band aid on the issue without actually delving deep below the surface.  But this course helps get to the root of the issues and gives so many tools and resources to help start addressing those issues.


I did fertility treatments for three years and not one doctor addressed my weight issue or the underlying issues.

It was simply Western medicine with many medications and injections involved.

Becky M

Lansing, MI

My experience so far with fertility specialists resulted in a diagnosis of “unexplained fertility” and their only answer was expensive treatments which no way guaranteed my fertility problems would be solved.  Dr. Singh identified numerous fertility factors which can be improved only by me.

I am so encouraged by my new knowledge and will make the changes to improve my health as I continue on this journey to parenthood.  I highly recommend this Fertility Course for anyone who wants real answers for their fertility issues.






Michelle C

San Francisco, CA

Dr. Singh is more than a Naturopathic Doctor to me, she is my friend, my therapist, my cheerleader, my secret fertility guru.  It wasn’t until 13 years after I first started trying to conceive (and 6 failed IVF cycles) that I accidentally discovered Dr. Singh.
I can go on and on singing Dr. Singh’s praises.

I am currently expecting our first child. 
My only regret is not finding her sooner.
Start with this course. You won't regret it.

Hope A.

Boston, MA

I now have no doubt that your preconception program contributed to the fact that she is such a happy and healthy baby. 

The amount of joy that Kylie has brought into our lives has really exceeded our expectations. 

I'm so grateful for all the work you've done to help me!



Austin, TX

By understanding and knowing what everyday items can be disrupting or intoxicating to the body and preventing it from pregnancy, will allow you to be more mindful about what your ingesting. 

Dr. Singh's program is truly a gem and has helped me and my body heal from the inside out.



Rosie M

Chandler, AZ

features of the Foundations Fertility Course

Heal and strengthen your foundation in 4 weeks. 
Every week you will focus on one key area that supports your fertility.
You will watch the video(s) and then complete your mission.  The mission helps you focus on making a few changes to your daily habits that will start boosting your fertility.
By the end of the 4 weeks your body will have lowered inflammation and started to boost egg quality and nurture hormonal balance.  Your body can now start to focus on fertility again


The 4 Modules...........

Food Matters

What you eat directly impacts your health and your fertility.  Does your current diet support fertility? Get the guide and recipes for success.

    Tame the Stress

    Stress decreases fertility, impacts pregnancy and can affect your baby's long-term health. Now is the time to tame the stress. Get specific tools to reduce the stress in your body.

      Sleep & Vibe

      Follow specific activities  to improve sleep.  Sleep is critical for hormonal balance and fertility. Your "vibe" or energy also plays a role in your health and fertility. Learn why and what to do to raise your vibe!

        Ditch the Toxins

        Chemicals can mess with hormonal balance, fertility and baby's health in a big way.

        Certain chemicals that we're exposed to daily have been shown to lower conception and IVF success.  Get the "Healthy Home Checklist"

        My dream is to get a call from you one day soon
        telling me that you are pregnant. 

        Everything you need to know and do to support your foundation is included in this course....
        but  there's more! To make it extra special there are 2 Bonuses!

        Bonus  #1 ($500 value)
        Access to the entire Fertility Video Series
        Information is power and these videos detail specific topics related to your fertility. 
        If you were to consult with a doctor to get this information you would spend at least $500.

        Birth Control Pills 

        Have you taken the pill in the past? The pill can mess with your fertility (and your future baby's health) long after you stopped taking it.  Before you jump to other medical interventions like metformin, clomid, letrozole or IVF learn what you can do to reverse the effects of the pill on your body


        PCOS is not the same for everyone. The symptoms and the causes could be different. Learn about the different types of PCOS. Learn the risks about Metformin, Clomid, Letrozole and IVF before jumping to these medical treatments.

        Fertility Roadblocks

        Roadblocks are the real reason for fertility issues. This video explains how and why each fertility roadblock impacts your fertility. The video & guide give you specific steps to start addressing your roadblocks you identified in the fertility quiz.

        Fertility over 40

        There are special considerations for moms-to-be who are over 40. Find out what's important and which tests are specific for moms over 40. I also share the things I wish I had known!

        Preconception Care

        A prenatal & folic acid is not preconception care. Find out what real preconception care is and why 3 months is a magic number. If you want a healthy baby then following a true preconception care plan is key. Fertility and healthy babies start with a good preconception plan.

        Guides & Resources

        A course is only valuable if get the results intended.  The handouts and missions are designed so you get results.  You also get a "Blood Work Information" guide that details exactly which blood tests to get done.

        Bonus #2 
        6 month membership in the private Facebook Group ($600 value)
        In this private group you will get access to exclusive presentations & coaching 
        including weekly group breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, guest presenters, 
        and so much more that will support you on your health & fertility journey.  
        Community makes all the difference and we're here to support you!


        You want to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

        If you are struggling to get pregnant and don't want to spend thousands of dollars 
        on fertility medications, treatments, and procedures yet AND you are willing to focus on 
        you and your health foundation first then this course is for you.

        •  4 core modules

          Each week you will focus on 1 key area that supports your fertility foundation. Food, Stress, Sleep, Energy, and Toxins all play a key role.

        • Weekly MISSIONS

          Each week you will focus on 1 goal. This MISSION handout will guide you on how to accomplish this.

        • Resources for success

          You are supported with resources so that you will be successful in your weekly mission.

        the course includes....

        • 6 month membership Private Facebook group

          You will get exclusive additional coaching and support in the private group where you can connect with others.

        • Fertility Video Series

          These videos cover specific topics that support preconception and fertility.

        • Blood work analysis (BWA)

          Blood work analysis is a great way to identify your specific imbalances or deficiencies.  You will have the opportunity to get your BWA done.

        About the Host & Creator of the Foundations Fertility Course 

        My name is Dr. Reena Singh and I am a Naturopathic Doctor who is passionate about helping women and couples easily conceive a healthy, happy, smart baby! I believe that many cases of infertility are due to imbalances in the body and I work with couples to resolve these issues and prepare their bodies to make a healthy baby. I strongly believe in prevention and believe preconception care is the ultimate preventive medicine. My recommendation for all parents-to-be...

        "If you are struggling to get pregnant, take a step back and address your health first. Address your underlying foundation and help your body want to make fertility a priority!"


        Ready to join but have some questions?  
        Here are some frequently asked questions or thoughts people may have......

        Can't I just make an appointment with a doctor and get this information?

        By taking this course does it guarantee that I will get pregnant?

        Will I still need to consult with a doctor for my fertility?

        Are you ready to take charge of your fertility? 
        Sign up now for the Foundations Fertility Course

        JOIN THE

        Optimize your body for baby!

        Heal and strengthen your foundation.


        This course is worth $997 and will eventually sell for this price but for now this course is 


        100% Privacy. Your information is not shared with anyone!

        TRY IT RISK FREE FOR 7 DAYS.  If you're not happy with it in any way get a refund!

        Do you still have questions? Click on the "Need Help?' icon and submit your question!

        "Take a step back, heal and strengthen your foundation 

        ...... and build a healthy, happy baby"


        Please remember that all the information in the Foundations Fertility Course  (the videos and the handouts) are for informational purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose or treat and do not guarantee pregnancy. Please consult with your licensed medical provider for diagnosis and treatment. Gaining access to the Foundations Fertility Course does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between you and Dr. Reena Singh, ND or between you and Zama Naturopathic Center, Inc. (aka "Zama Wellness" "Zama Center")

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